Photo by Stephanie Hou

Photo by Stephanie Hou

Hi, I’m Forrest!

I’m a born and bred New Yorker who fell in love with photography and craft beer while road tripping across the United States. You can often find me at NYC breweries taking photos and sharing beers with new friends.

I originally started Snobeery to chronicle my adventures in the beer community, and have since seen first hand the amount of depth present in not just the beer but the people behind it. I realized that Instagram was not enough for the stories I wanted to share, so I starting writing articles, and shortly after launched the podcast Hop Talk, where I share and discuss beers with fellow members of the community.

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries about photography, writing or anything else at or on Instagram @snobeery.

For inquiries about Hop Talk reach out at

All photos featured on this site were taken by Forrest Kuffer unless stated otherwise. Website design by Stephanie Hou.

Photography Experience

NYC Beer Week 2018 Opening Bash
Other Half Green City 2018