Hop Talk #28: The Definitive Episode


We’re back! Kicking off season two, Carl and I have a couple beers from Definitive Brewing, one of the stops on my road trip. It was a quick visit unfortunately, but I got a great peek behind the scenes before Dylan left for England. If you want to know more about that particular event, I believe it was the Maine Beer Box. Also, if you want to know more about those delicious yuzu hard candies, you can get some at Muji. I need to get some more myself!

It was really neat to be able to visit the place and hang out with Dylan. It was a very laid back spot with some delicious beers - I wish I could’ve tried more beyond their lightest brews. Here are some photos from my visit, as well as the Definitive Ale we had on the episode:


The beer that Dylan is pouring in that last photo is that delicious stout Baby Steps I got to try! One last thing, I didn’t really know what Carl was referencing at the time talking about the Chappelle Show, so I looked it up afterwards. Here’s the video he was talking about! See you next week!

Forrest Kuffer2 Comments