Hop Talk #30: Coney Island's Boardwalk Brews!


First of all, I have to say while I was able to see the videos Carl’s wife took of people dancing at Coney Island, technical issues prevented me from uploading them here - sorry folks! A search on YouTube for Coney Island Dancing will turn up some results I’m sure. As someone who normally would never pick a Coney Island beer over anything else, I was pleasantly surprised by these ones Carl brought. I even made a point to have some more of that Boo-Liner at Blocktoberfest! Speaking of Octoberfests, here is some info on the little brother to the Super Freak we had on the show, Freaktoberfest. Next time I’d like to do a whole episode on Octoberfest! Check out the below photos of the beers - you can really see the ruby red color of the berliner:


Since the beers this episode were largely themed around the monster cereals of years past, I thought this piece about the evolution of such products might be interesting. The other thing I thought was worth supplementing here was the whole Broc Simpson story. The article I mentioned on the episode was this one, which actually sides against the Veil. It’s a side a lot of people in the beer scene probably wouldn’t take, which makes it all the more interesting! Before I go, here’s a photo I took during my last visit to Coney Island, for a photography meetup. You can see more photos from my time there on my personal Instagram (look for the yellow and red)!

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