Hop Talk #29: Brasserie Dunham


This week Blake, Andrew and I sample some beers from what is one of Blake’s favorite breweries, Brasserie Dunham from Quebec! We haven’t had many saisons on the show so it was nice to change things up a bit. I have so many photos from Montreal to share so I might post those up separately, but let’s at least start with the three we had on this episode!


One of the things I brought up on the show was the “check the neck” slogan for pears. This is actually from another podcast, which you can hear here. If you want to know the artists behind these lovely labels, be sure to check out Matt Forsythe, Jesse Jacobs and Caroline Robert.

While I didn’t actually go to any sort of Dunham location, I did visit a few brewpubs around Montreal. The photo below is a flight I tried at Pit Caribou, right before having that huge dish of poutine at La Banquise. That nitro stout was delicious! Before I go, here’s a bit of beauty from the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

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