Hop Talk #32: Halo Brewery


First of all, you definitely need to check out Halo’s website. Their graphic design is pretty on point and you should see for yourself how the recipes are laid out. Here’s the recipe/page for the Passionfruit Shapeshifter as an example!

We also talked about the artist for the Angry Chair labels, as well as the recent Sixpoint release art. The Angry Chair art is done by Will Ralston, and the Dreamsickle Sixpoint can featured artwork by Ian Bolson. Both are amazing artists, and I’d love to follow up on those who do the art for other breweries, like Trillium and Bellwoods! Perhaps we can have an artist on the show for a future episode…


If you want to know more about the Teku glass and the story behind it, you should check out this RASTAL press release. I don’t know about you all, but I have too many Tekus and while they take up space and break easily, I can’t seem to stop buying them!

We briefly talked about the diversity in Toronto as compared to Queens, NY. It was a bit hard to pin down an exact comparison, but feel free to scroll through some census information. Apparently NYC is the most diverse from a linguistic standpoint, but basically half of Toronto’s population is foreign-born. It looks like Toronto might just be the winner here. Feel free to chime in with some more info if you know about it - I’m very curious to settle this household debate!

Let’s finish this week’s post with some photos I took while at Halo. It might be a while before I find a brewery just as cozy and modern! I added the photo I was showing Carl during the show, so you can see the other beers they had on tap and bottle prices. The chalk numbers on my flight refer to the numbers on the last photo. See you next week!

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