Hop Talk #33: All Citra Everything!


This was a really fun concept that I hope to revisit in the future, we are open to suggestions to other hops or ingredients you think we should focus on!

There is a whole bunch of reading to do regarding Citra hops, so I’ll only list a few. If you want some general history and tasting/brewing info, check out these pages by Kegerator, Fifth Season Gardening and Hopslist.


Did you know that Triangle Test is more than just the name for the Other Half x Trillium collaboration we talked about on the show? Apparently it’s an actual test method used to determine if a difference in product is noticeable by the consumer. You can learn more about this here!

Here’s a very interesting BeerAdvocate article about the “rise” of Cryo Hops, specifically Lupulin Powder. If you were wondering about the difference between T-90 and T-45 hops, here’s an old but informative article by Kettle to Keg about the different forms of hops you might see. Before I go, here’s a photo of Legend of Citra with my triforce tattoo - I finally have a Tattoo Tuesday beer to post!

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