Hop Talk #34: Maple Facts!


I wanted to open that bottle of Ground State for the longest time, so I was determined to do a maple episode. This was a lot of fun, especially having everyone under one roof for the first time! I just wish I had taken a photo of the Ripley-induced disaster that day. As of right now, maplefacts.com is not taken - get on that Blake! But in the meantime here’s a quick USDA link about the current different grades of maple syrup.


If you want to know about the special cacao nibs used for the Bottle Logic brew, here’s an old 2011 article about the re-discovery of this plant. There’s a lot more info on this dedicated website however. We don’t have a flowchart with stout stains, but here are the maple fact bullet points Blake brought along for the show, he definitely was prepared!

2018-11-11 23.10.17.jpg
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