Hop Talk #35: Other Half Redux!


You’d think that we’d have done another Other Half episode sooner, since we basically talk about them every episode, but I’m glad we’re revisiting them now especially, as they become more bold and more fully move into different styles (and locations!). I honestly knew nothing about their DC spot, genuine surprise there folks! I couldn’t find I did dig this little bit of info up though, take a look!


On the topic of pizza, I found this article from 2016 about the best pizza spots in NYC. Both Prince and Lucali are on this list, what are the odds? Pretty high, I’m sure. Check it out here! Also, we’re not crazy, (right?): this Insider article talks about the story behind Reese’s (and Pieces) and the right way to pronounce it. Before I go, check out some photos of Half Door Brewing Co., another brewery with half in the name (we’ll do a Half Acre episode one day). The peanut butter beer I tried is the one on the end. This was back in 2016, I’d love to see what they’re up to today!

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