Hop Talk #36: Strong Rope Brewery


Hey y’all! I unfortunately don’t have as much to post this time around, especially in terms of photos of the beers we drank on the show. Well, I do have both the stout and the IPA, just not the brown ale. If you’re in NYC, you should really check it out for yourself! Strong Rope’s space is very cozy, and the atmosphere is half high-end bar and half farmer’s market. I wish I had more photos to post of the seating area, it’s definitely unique among the other NYC breweries. The beers, of course, are delicious!

Here’s a BK Beer Review Interview with Jason from close to two years ago - still an interesting read even though it overlaps with some of his statements on the show. This Boomtown Table article is even older, and thus a lot more interesting. You can see (especially by the photos) what’s changed and what’s stayed the same over the past couple years.

Their anniversary party is coming up (as of the time this post is going up), and having gone to a previous one, I would absolutely recommend going. You’ll get to try a lot of great local casks! See you there!

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