Hop Talk #37: Getting Spontaneous


It’s always fun to have a guest on the show, and if you haven’t already you should totally check out House of Sours on Instagram. Sonia and Blake are engaged, so you might hear more from her on future episodes!

There’s so much to talk about when it comes to spontaneous brews, but I’ll link a few interesting reads for a quick intro to the style. First off, here’s an old but nice article about spontaneous beers, along with different breweries talking about their own recipes. In this Food & Wine article from last year, Jason Perkins from Allagash talks more about the style and their own Coolship series. Lastly, here’s a great little piece on Ale Apothecary at Hop Culture. I hope I can visit that brewery one day!


If you were curious about the whole pizza beer thing, we were talking about this Evil Twin collaboration, as well as this curious Tired Hands brew.

One last thing before I go, a National Geographic article I’ve enjoyed since the episode about our evolution alongside alcohol. It’s a very interesting read, especially since I’ve never heard of the “Drunken Monkey” hypothesis before!

Our favorites this week:

Blake - R&D

Andrew - R&D

Forrest - Gueuze 100%

Sonia - Gueuze 100%

See y’all next week!

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