Hop Talk #38: KBS


I don’t have as many photos for this week’s episode (especially considering there’s technically only one beer), but how about I make up for it with a bunch of reading? First up is the KBS story, straight from the source. It’s crazy to think this beer is over 15 years old at this point! Not as old as the Goose Island BCBS brews though; while there is some ambiguity about their origin the beer was first made in either ‘92 or ‘95. However, BCBS wasn’t bottled until 2003, being only available on tap until then.

If you want to know more about the origin of their name, the Founders website can fill you in. Apparently, they’re still incorporated as Canal Street Brewing Co.! As far as the gossip goes, here’s a pair of articles by the Detroit Metro Times detailing both the lawsuit and the Twitter retraction. While I understand the company’s desire to stay unaligned and focus on making the beer, I feel these issues are not to be taken lightly. Give them a read and let us know what you think! As an aside (Carl’s favorite phrase this week), the US Constitution was last amended back in 1992.

To end on a lighter note, it wasn’t hard for me to figure out who “The Amazing Kosmicki” is - it’s their brewmaster, Jeremy Kosmicki! Oh, and if you wanted to know more about safety pins (who wouldn‘t?), check out this short by the folks over at Stuff You Should Know.

Our order this week:

  1. 2015

  2. 2017

  3. 2016

See y’all next time!

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