Hop Talk #1: Hudson Valley


Welcome to Hop Talk, the show where we talk craft beer, the people who make it and the people who drink it! As of writing this post we’re actually about to begin our second season, but I’m going back and adding some extra content for each episode in the form of photos, some of my after-the-fact musings and perhaps a few links to outside material. Think of each post here as show notes plus!

This episode goes back to where it all began, both the podcast and my friendship with Carl! Looking back, it’s a bit crazy to think that I started the day sharing a cab with random strangers and finished it with a podcast in the work, complete with co-host! I also clearly put more effort into setting up the board back then. Now that they’re all in one place, I‘ll have to standardize the placement of things.


It definitely was an intense morning, waking up so early just to take the train upstate. The photo above barely does justice to the amount of people that were there that day. I was very happy to learn that the wristband system lets you walk around and come back afterwards! If I recall, Carl went to get some donuts at Glazed Over, a place I have yet to but definitely want to visit!

I’m going to try to have at least a photo of one beer we drank during the show, but that is totally dependent on if I took a photo to begin with. In this case, I have both Apotheosis and Babylon! That’s all for this episode!

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