Hop Talk #4: Commonwealth Brewing


Commonwealth Brewing is a brewery I unfortunately don’t get much opportunity to taste, but I do love their stuff! I’ve actually been craving a bunch of lighter beers lately (pilsners, lagers and kolschs) but all these breweries in my area keep pumping out IPAs, sours and stouts!

I really wanted to showcase the art used for their beers, because it really is beautiful to look at. You can read a bit more about the process and design ethos here. Just look at this art, it looks like something from the latest iPhone release wallpapers!


I didn’t take any photos of the beers we had that day, but I do have another Commonwealth brew to show you all: This smoked peach collaboration with Central State Brewing! This blend of sweet, tart and smoky makes it a great beer to have at a summer BBQ. Trishna is another great sour beer by these guys, I was lucky to try this one at Three’s Can Jam last year! See y’all next week!

Forrest KufferComment