Hop Talk #2: Other Half Aftermath


If our first episode didn’t have enough roots in crazy release lines, we made the smart decision to power through the big OH x Monkish release immediately before recording this podcast. It was a great time for sure, Sam from Other Half and Henry from Monkish hung out with us line-goers for a good portion of the night, sharing some amazing brews. I was able to get a bit of shut-eye, living so close to OH lets be pop in for a nap which is very welcome.


If you’re wondering about the glass that people almost got into a fist fight over, it’s this one below. I’m a sucker for gold plated (if that’s the right term) glasses, so I get the appeal but I’m definitely not going to get into an argument over one. I still have the silver glass I got that day but I’m trying to trade or sell it to make more space.

One last thing, my friend (and sometimes co-host) Blake had a blind taste test of all three OH anniversary beers, and most of us were able to guess them all. These aren’t just the same beer repeated ad nauseam! See you next week!

Forrest KufferComment