Hop Talk #8: Beer Trekkin' (Part 2)


Miguel had so much to say that we had to split the episode in two parts - something we haven’t done before and (as of September 2018) since! Carl had to jet halfway through part two but Miguel and I had a great time chatting for quite a while. I was originally going to have the segment after Carl left as a bonus short episode, but scheduling and editing made it clear that it would be better to just combine the two.

I was very excited to see that Miguel had also brought some lagers, to help with my cravings for lighter beer. Both of these were by Burial, as part of their Ambient Terrain series where they collaborate with one brewery and one malter (maltist? maltery?) If you want to know more about these beers check out their pages for Pools of Emerald Green and Pinnacle of Dreams!


One last thing: I do actually have Jester King bottles to have for the show, but I’m waiting for Miguel to be free enough to return for an episode since it’s on of his favorite breweries! Hope to have that episode happen in the near future!

Forrest KufferComment