Hop Talk #6: UK? OK!


The listeners of Hop Talk in the UK have been some of the most active, and I’d like to think it all goes back to this show! If you’re a new listener, you’ll be seeing a lot of UK love in the future. If you’re visiting Isla Mujeres, you can go visit Isla Brewing, the brewery Carl mentioned visiting on his vacation - there’s a bit more info about them here, although if you want official information Instagram is the way to go. Funnily enough, there is a Star Trek post on their page right now!


On a side note, as of today (9/23/18), Transmitter has yet to move to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, according to AMNY.

We touched on the term grist in the episode, I can copy the actual definition here but it might be better to check out Beer Advocate’s list of beer definitions here. You can check out RateBeer’s list of best breweries here as well. Neil should be visiting this month, so expect an episode with him in the future!

One last thing, Beavertown was recently in the news due to them selling a stake to “big beer,” Heineken. It was definitely a big deal, you can read more about it here. See you next week!

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