Hop Talk #9: For Whom the Bellwoods Tolls


Bellwoods is a brewery you can expect to see quite a few times on Hop Talk. I fell in love with the brewery shortly after falling in love with Stephanie, as I would go visit her in Toronto while she was still living there. Each time, I found myself at Bellwoods without fail, a tradition I continue to this day every time I am back up in Toronto. You can read more about this brewery in a small article I wrote for Tigerlyfe Times! I’ve only had one beer from this brewery that I didn’t love, and it was mainly because it was 100% Idaho 7, a relatively new hop that I’m not a fan of.


I’ve had so many beers by this brewery, it would take forever to find and put them all here. So be sure to check out my Instagram to see a bunch of these delicious brews! I’ll throw up one of Skeleton Key here though. I actually had this one after a day of snowboarding (for the first time) north of Toronto on Blue Mountain! By the way, Pat Ozols is another great photographer and Instagrammer, who you should totally check out! We still haven’t tried US Fried Chicken…

2017-12-30 15.05.36.jpg
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