Hop Talk #10: Pinkies Up with Evil Twin


There are plenty of opinions on the internet about the feud between Evil Twin and Mikkeller, but here are links to two interesting articles on the subject by the New York Times:

A Fight Is Brewing (2014)

The Beer Twins (One Evil) Take Their Feud to Queens (2018)

I’d love to know which brewery our listeners prefer!

I don’t get to go to Tørst often enough, but I cannot recommend this place enough, especially if you’ve never gone before. The place is gorgeous (see below), and while it can be a bit pricey, there is a huge selection of bottles and beers on draft to choose from. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get something you like no matter which style you prefer.


While searching for more info about the Even More Jesus variants, I came across this article about the stories behind the Evil Twin beer names. It’s a pretty interesting read and its by Jeppe himself so check it out! See you next week!

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