Hop Talk #13: Swimmin' in the Treehouse Puddin'


Tree House is one of those breweries that I feel like I’ve been to but have yet to truly experience. Hopefully the next time I go it will be for a longer time, and I can see the “new and improved” Tree House! If their blog post about what’s coming next is anything to go off of, this experience is only going to get better and better.


Thankfully, I have a few people who have regular access to TH beers, and don’t have to work too hard or travel too far to find some. I actually just received a package of some more IPAs and a brown ale! I’m trying to find another can of Alter Ego to complete a trio of beers, and if I do you might hear about it in an upcoming episode!

By the way, I went and dug up this image of the Star Trek episode Carl referenced that had “Evil Spock” or “Mirror Spock” in it, which is over 50 years old at this point! See you next week!

Forrest KufferComment