Hop Talk #15: Hudson Valley Revisited


In our second Hudson Valley episode we take a look at another rotating series of their beers, the Silhouette series. These low ABV sour beers are super delicious and easy to knock back, and in these small cans they become a perfect spring/summer brunch companion drink! Their colors can be quite eye catching as well, just take a look at this “more-juice-than-beer” strawberry banana variant.


As far as I can tell, octopuses (or octopodes, but not octopi) are not aliens! Here’s a bit more about that topic in this article, apparently this isn’t the first time they have been described as having “alien DNA.” In a more beer-related article, my friend Niko interviewed the people behind HVB - check it out at Hop Culture! We touch on blending in this episode too, you can read more about that here.

Forrest KufferComment