Hop Talk #16: Jammin' with Sixpoint!


It took sixteen episodes, but we finally got a brewer on the show! This episode of Hop Talk was actually a long time coming, but planning took quite a while. When Eric told me about the upcoming Jammer Day release, we decided that would be the perfect time to do an episode. With the mid-week drop of this episode, this was technically an exclusive since the beers were not released until Saturday! I have to give a big thanks to Eric, Mikey and the rest of the crew at Sixpoint for making this happen.

I mentioned in the episode that I got to try the Yuzu Jammer (which remains my favorite of the three) twice before the final recipe was canned. Here’s a picture of Eric pouring the first pilot batch for me to try! It was a bit spicier than the final product but since spice is such a unique flavor for a beer reducing it isn’t the worst idea.


On Jammer Day, there was a station where you could make your own beer cocktails, taking the base Jammer and mixing it with different fruit juices. You could even salt the rim with one of these gourmet salts by Jacobson Salt Co., which was used when making these new Jammers. Sixpoint has gone a long way proving that they aren’t just a shelfie brewery! You can check out a small article I wrote about them here.

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