Hop Talk #14: Mikkeller and the Mets


I said the Finback space was big, but Mikkeller NYC definitely puts it to shame! The space is huge, but I guess it has to be when you’re dealing with baseball crowds. On that note, here’s a pretty interesting article about baseball and beer on Beer Advocate. Pictured above is a hat that I bought during my visit to Mikkeller NYC, which was promptly stolen by Stephanie. I think I’ve worn it only once since then!


This beer photo isn’t one of the Mikkeller beers we drank that day, but I do reference the Sixpoint smoothie beers in the beginning of the episode along with its cool glass, so I figured I share that with y’all here! These beers were delicious, but we’ll be talking about Sixpoint soon enough!


Just one last thing I wanted to share: Brooklyn Kura. If you’re into sake or want to get into it this Industry City spot is definitely worth a visit. See you next week!

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