Hop Talk #19: Catching up with Dancing Gnome


If I remember our schedules, Carl and I had not seen each other for two weeks prior to this episode, hence the “catching up part.” All of these Dancing Gnome beers were fantastic, and I have since had a couple more thanks to some Instagram trades.

We also touch a bit on beer festivals in this episode, as well as the problem of having too many choices. Here’s an older but interesting read about it by The New York Times. There’s also a great video about choice by VSauce, one of my favorite channels, but this one in particular is one of their premium Mind Field episodes so unfortunately it might not be available.


We mentioned in the episode that Wishbone was actually part of a music collaboration. Here’s an article about some more recent collaborations, and one about Metallica’s “collaboration” (although there is another one with Stone Brewing). Check out the actual song Wishbone below!

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