Hop Talk #24: Deya Brewing


Hop Talk is going international! Well, except for that first UK beer episode. And the two Canadian episodes. Well at the very least this time we’re taking a concentrated look at one UK brewery, Deya! I’ve gotten so many UK beers lately thanks to some lovely traders, I’m spoiled now! Ed actually reached out to me after this episode to let me know Deya now has a taproom location, and they are located in Cheltenham. The more you know! Hopefully I can visit one day.

I’m a sucker for anything with raspberry, so I was definitely anxious to try this stout. The glass says it all! Speaking of stouts, I recently came across another Thrillist article, this time about the best stouts. I’ll have to find more articles about this for future episodes! Stay tuned next week for more UK goodness!

Forrest KufferComment