Hop Talk #27: Magnify! Enhance!


First of all, there have been some unfortunate recent developments for NJ breweries. I urge everyone to read about the situation and sign this petition if they want to do their part to help keep these great craft breweries operating as they should!

I still have yet to visit Magnify (as does Carl, I believe), but if the beers they have there are anything like the cans we tried I’ll have to make some time to get out there! I’m already done with my road trip at the time of writing this, so you guys can expect to see some photos and words about that soon! If you’re wondering about the article we referenced during the show, it was this one here, written by my friend Niko and photographed by Miguel! What are the odds I’d stumble across this particular article? Pretty high, actually.

This episode was almost an Interboro episode as much as it was a Magnify one, considering two out of three of these beers were collaborations. We haven’t done a proper episode about those guys yet but you can bet we’ll get around to it! We won’t stop until we’ve talked about every brewery here in NYC, and then we’ll keep on going anyway!


Speaking of stopping, this is actually a wrap on season 1 of Hop Talk! It’s been a great time talking about craft beer and the people behind it. I personally learned a lot about this community (and audio recording/editing) while doing this first season, and I can’t wait to kick off the new season and keep learning. We’ll be back very soon!

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