Hop Talk Samplers: Talking Business With Proclamation


So while I was on the road in September, I was hoping to meet up with a couple people and record a few shorts, but unfortunately scheduling was tough, so I only got to sit down with one person, but there’s so much in this episode I think it makes up for it! My first stop on the road trip was Proclamation Ale Co., a brewery whose beers I love and hope to do a full episode on in the future.

Sorry about the noise by the way, there’s only so much you can edit out when at a brewery during the middle of the day. I spoke with Josh Karten, one of the two owners of the brewery, about the business side of things at Proclamation. I don’t normally get to hear about this side of things so it was a very interesting conversation! If you want to hear a bit more about their move, check out this article on the Providence Journal. Otherwise, kick back and check out the these photos of the space I took while visiting!

Forrest KufferComment