Hop Talk #42: Jester King


First off, I have to give another big shout-out to Anthony and Angela for sending over these Jester King bottles (as well as others I drank on my own), it was very appreciated! While you’re at it, you might as well check out Miguel and Kevin on Instagram, if you don’t already follow them that is! Secondly, you should really check out the official Jester King website, as it is chock-full of both information about their location and beers, as well as some lovely photos. We briefly talked about goats on the show, and just look at this cute little kid I saw on their page!

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We sure do talk about a lot of stuff this episode! A big thing going on right now (at the time of this episode’s release), the Pura Vide Indie International Beer Cup. As Miguel mentions on the show this was a big success last year with independent craft beers from different countries competing, and this year is looking to be even bigger! This is occurring in conjunction with Indie Fest 2019, so if you’re in Costa Rica this week, be sure to check this out! Here’s another article I found, actually written by Miguel, talking about the event!

There is a lot of AB InBev talk this week, especially in relation to Wicked Weed. The video Miguel references where Walt Dickinson of the brewery mentions the war against wine and spirits can be seen here. I have yet to find the older video where it’s Wicked Weed against AB InBev however, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere… Instead of that here’s an article that contains a screenshot of the “A beer with AB” tweet that was retracted, how sour beers were finally arriving in the US! If you want some more related reading, check out this blog post about their marketing by Josh Noel.


We talk about The Rare Barrel for a bit, a West-Coast beer blendery that makes some delicious sour beers. The brewery does in fact have roots in The Bruery Terreux, and if you want to read more about the namesake barrel, check out this article from last year where it is returned to Peter Bouckaert. I love this idea of the traveling barrel, it is like a rare artifact in the beer world and it seems there is still some traveling for it to do in the future!

We also touch on THP towards the end of the show; here’s some more Good Beer Hunting reading for y’all on the subject of THP and what approach should be taken towards it.

We all agreed RU55 was our favorite beer of the episode. Turns out the name is “Russ” after all - or rather, it’s a tribute to Russ Beatie of Dark Horse Brewing. You can read a bit more about that from their blog post here.

Our favorites this week:

Miguel - RU55

Kevin - RU55

Forrest - RU55

See y’all next week!

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