Hop Talk #43: Out of Left Field!


I always enjoy my visits to Left Field Brewery, and now that they’ve started canning I’m hoping to bring a bunch back home next time!

It turns out that there isn’t such a thing as a scoop when it comes to baseball terms, but if you’re curious while I was checking this I came across this glossary of sorts. Time to brush up on my lingo! Speaking of things I got wrong (or not), I was right about Sweet Jesus! As you can see, it’s definitely an ice cream place. However, it’s true that it was their coffee that played a part in the actual Sweet Jesus beer, apart from being inspired by their dessert recipes.

Moving on to Scoop, here’s a nice little visual story about what a Tartufo is exactly, and where it’s from. The death star is a nice touch! If you want to learn more about the mysterious Blackburne Mud the imperial stouts are named after, check out this old CNN article!

I wasn’t at the Other Half NYE party of course, but I was able to find out the band that was playing, The Counterfeiters which is a wedding/cover band. There’s information on the actual NYE event (including what food was served) on their official website.


In doing some preliminary research for this episode, I came across this article about the brewery on this website about dogs of all things! You might remember that we mention in the episode that the place is quite dog-friendly, and that they have a “mascot” dog named Wrigley. The article talks a lot about that angle of course, but there are some great photos to go along with it showing both the space and the dog!

Speaking of Wrigley, here’s some info about the stadium itself - yes, it is named after the Wrigley name of chewing gum fame. Just as extra reading, this archived New York Times obituary from 1977 is a pretty interesting piece.

Finally, if you’ve never seen The Sandlot, go see it! Definitely a movie I loved when I was young. I’ll leave you with a photo I took of Sweet Jesus all the way back in early 2017, marshmallow and all!

Our favorites this week:

Carl - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Blackburne

Forrest - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Blackburne

See y’all next week!

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