Hop Talk #45: Evil Twin NYC!


First off, for the record honeydew is the green melon and cantaloupe is the orange one. If you know about any melon beers that we should seek out for an future episode, let us know!

Evil Twin NYC is finally here! As of this episode airing the taproom is not open yet, but they have done a second can release - which includes that pilsner! Here are the article I was referencing from back in 2016 about the upcoming Evil Twin and Grimm locations. I couldn’t find anything to back up that rumor I heard about Grimm (or one of the co-owners rather) coming from money, so that’ll stay in the unconfirmed pile for now.


On the episode Blake goes pretty in depth on aroma and how it’s quantified. Here’s a Beer & Brewing entry about the Aroma Unit (AU), which specifically refers to hop aromatics. The odor activity or activation value is the OAV he mentioned, and is related to the odor detection threshold, which is the lowest concentration of an aromatic molecule that is noticeable by a human nose.

There is a lot of Kölsch talk in this episode! I’m going to link two articles here: The first being a Vinepair piece which takes you to Cologne and the Kölsch experience. This next one is an older piece from 2009, but it’s pretty informative about the history and makeup of the style!

Nowadays seems to be a great spot, and I’m sure it’ll be even better once the weather gets warmer! If you want to get a taste of the recent ET NYC beers, be sure to swing by their little pop-up at this bar! There are actually some more breweries in the area like Queens Brewery and Bridge and Tunnel, and I hear there’s some good pizza nearby too!

Here’s one last Evil Twin NYC photo, of the “storefront” as the sun was going down. I’m sure we’ll be back here soon enough!

Our favorites this week:

Blake - Ridgewood Resurrection

Forrest - Ridgewood Resurrection

See y’all next week!

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