Hop Talk #46: A Bunch of Tired Hands


I don’t have too much to add for this episode, and not just because I’m in Toronto at the time of this going up (I prepped everything before my flight)! Firstly you have got to give Neil’s Instagram a look, and while I’m not going to list all the people he plugged at the end, I do follow a good amount of those accounts and they are all worth checking out!

If you check out the Tired Hands website, you’ll find a rundown on the different locations Neil mentioned. I still have yet to visit the brewery, but a PA trip has been on the mind for quite some time - perhaps once the weather gets warmer! This didn’t come up on the show at all, but there was a recent controversy not one month ago involving Tired Hands and Hill Farmstead - you can read about this on Good Beer Hunting!


On the topic of milkshake IPAs, here’s a 2016 Punch article about the new (at the time) style. How the times have changed! Leave it to me to plug Bellwoods on another episode but I absolutely love their Milkshark series of milkshake IPAs, loads more than anything Tired Hands has ever put out. We haven’t had most on the show, but I would check out one of our earliest episodes with Pat Ozols when we crack one open. I can’t wait for more of those to hit the market! This particular Tired Hands Milkshake was definitely among some of the best I’ve had from this brewery.

Before I go here’s a rather candid shot of the can of Verdant Putty we tried - there’s a nice little YouTube video about this by The Craft Beer Channel you might enjoy - and a shot of me and Neil just after the show!

Our favorites this week:

Neil - Big Dream Sympathetic

Carl - Guava Coconut Milkshake IPA (deferred)

Forrest - Big Dream Sympathetic

See y’all next week!

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