Hop Talk #48: Blood Brothers


It’s been a while since I’ve been to Blood Brothers but my I enjoyed my most recent trip quite a bit, and I will definitely make it out there on my next visit to Toronto! Besides the breweries we listed in the episode, some more Toronto spots that start with the letter “B” are Black Creek, Batch and Amsterdam Brewery’s Barrel House. That bar I couldn’t remember the name of is Boxcar Social (another “B!”), and if I remember correctly it has some great beers on tap.

Here’s a bit more information about white stouts, as well as an article back from last year about the status of the style in the beer scene. Of course, this was before New Holland decided to launch Dragon’s Milk White, so who knows what the future might hold for this style!


We seem to be talking peppers more and more these days! If you wanted to learn a bit more about the Carolina Reaper pepper and the former marijuana breeder who “invented” it, check out this Munchies article about Smokin’ Ed Currie.

The two photos below are some quick shots I took at Blood Brothers during my February trip - the space is totally different from when I visited back in 2016! I don’t have any real photos of the way the space used to look unfortunately (you can always go back in time on their Instagram), but for reference that third photo is their tap list from back then. At the very least you can see in the first photo that they have quite a few more beers available on tap now!


I was genuinely surprised to hear about the new Other Half Williamsburg location, even living so close to the brewery did not clue me in on this development! According to this Eater article, the Rochester location is also planned for a March opening. I was also surprised to hear about the new Dune pieces in the works. There seems to still be a lot happening behind the scenes, but the talk I’ve seen so far is pretty positive about the project. I’ll have to refresh my memory on the series before it comes out!

I found a photo of that bottle of Shumei I had years ago - you can see that while their core branding remains the same their bottles have come a long way! I’ll have to figure out who does the art for them!

Our favorites this week:

Blake - Passion of the Spice

Andrew - Shumei

Forrest - Passion of the Spice

See y’all next week!

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