Hop Talk #50: Some Sour IPAs!


This was a somewhat shorter episode so I don’t have as much to add here, but there are a couple things to link to for supplemental reading. For starters, here is a article from only a couple weeks ago about the recent uptick in demand for sour IPAs. In fact, Jason Synan of Hudson Valley Brewery is interviewed for the article!

To continue a bit on Hudson Valley, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but the art of Evan M. Cohen is pretty awesome, and you should check out his website. It doesn’t seem like he did the actual brewery logo though, at least as far as I can tell. You should also check out Tyler’s Instagram, he is a great photographer and I wouldn’t have been able to try this New New without his help!


I can’t speak with absolute certainty here, but from what I could find online it seems like the first Grimm Pop beer was Cherry Raspberry back in October of 2016. Hudson Valley’s Incandenza popped up about two months later. I’m not trying to say one place copied the other because those are two very different beers - just clarifying the confusion I had when Blake brought up the Pop beers.

I did some digging and found the photo I took of the OG Other Half & Finback collaboration, Lime Green Galaxies, taken back in April 2016. That’s almost (or only depending on how you look at it) three years ago!

Our favorites this week:

Blake - Hiding Place

Forrest - New New

See y’all next week!

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