Hop Talk #51: Back to Basics


First off make sure to checkout/give some love to Jason, Matt and Andrew, all awesome people who you’ll want to keep an eye on. I’m looking forward to see what beers they work on in the future! I do apologize for the engine noise in the background for part of the episode, we have some noisy neighbors at Hop Talk HQ. I unfortunately had to cut a bit of stuff out of the episode, including the fact that Maris Goes West is not just made with Horus but with Mindful Ales as well. Jason did mention this but the audio was sadly unusable.

If you wanted to know a bit more about the Kent Falls collab with Casa Agria that helped to make, it’s called In Medias Res. I’d love to try it some day! Carl mentions the sweet snack Star Crunch, which I definitely have had before but didn’t recognize by name.


If you’re into homebrewing and live in NYC, you might want to check out the Brooklyn Brewsers. They were mentioned at the top of the episode and seems like a great resource for anyone who wants to get into making beer! Also mentioned in the first section was polygyle mashing, which you can learn about in the actual Hop Culture article about the first beer!

Jason sent over some photos of the brewing process, be sure to check them out below! And I did check, it looks like there is a beer or two named Spruce Springsteen, including one made by Founders. Sorry Carl!

Our favorites this week:

Blake - Maris Goes West

Carl - Til Death

Forrest - Til Death

Jason - Til Death

Andrew - Twigsies

Matt - Twigsies

See y’all next week!

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