Hop Talk #52: Ingenious!


Thanks everyone for listening to us prattle on for a whole 52 episodes! There will be a lot more of the same in the coming year (and hopefully some different stuff too), so stay tuned! Justin Gyorfi (who told me that his last name rhymes with “Murphy” - oops!) let me know that the Ingenious anniversary party was on 3/23, so we’re just a couple days off. Happy anniversary to everyone at Ingenious! And a big thanks to Justin again for sending the beers over! Also, thanks to Justin - Nagelberg not Gyorfi - for joining in on this episode! His last appearance on the show was over 30 episodes ago!

Larry Koestler reached out and pointed me in the direction of this Hop Culture article about Texan hazy IPAs, you should definitely give it a read especially if you were wondering who he is exactly!

If you want to hear more from (Ingenious) Justin, check out this Hop Culture interview done just before their Après-Ski Party and Craft Beer Festival (which is where I first met Justin). I have some photos from that event up on the website so be sure to check it out on the photography page. On a related note, I am working through the photos I took during Pastrytown and will have those up soon.


Speaking of Pastrytown, there were so many awesome people and beers at the event so we of course couldn’t mention them all, but it might help to check out this list of brewers and beers Other Half put up, so you can see for yourself what was offered at this massive event! Be forewarned, it’s a PDF link so it might just download the file depending on what you’re using to read this. Alternatively you can just check out their website.

There’s a lot of material on the whole “left brain/right brain” idea, but I’ll drop this NPR article from 2013 here for some light reading. I think there are still many people who hold firm to this idea! I looked up the Infinity Gauntlet beer I remember seeing and it turns out it is indeed by Ingenious - it’s an IPA called Infinity Hopped. I did also look up the difference between sherbet and sorbet; apparently the former has a bit of dairy while the latter has none whatsoever. Finally, if you want to know more about the coffee that went into the Finback/Horus collaboration, it’s called Kopi Luwak. I enjoy coffee beers more than actual coffee, but it’s quite the interesting variety!

Our favorites this week:

Carl - Joose Wayne (probably)

Forrest - Maternal Brain

Justin - C800

See y’all next week!

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