Hop Talk #53: Dogma


This was definitely a more streamlined episode of Hop Talk, a nice change (especially when it comes to audio editing), but unfortunately we didn’t have too much information about Dogma. However, just two days after we recorded this episode Dogma launched their new website! What are the odds? Because of this new resource I can now tell you all that there are three people behind the brewery: Leonardo Satt, Luciano Silva and Bruno Moreno. Also, despite what Carl said on the show the website states that the brewery opened in 2015. Not sure where the inconsistency comes from but I’m guessing there were beers being released before they “officially” opened. Of course there’s the other Dogma Brewery, out of Serbia - guess we’ll have to try that one next!

Despite not having a gose - or gose-style beer - at all during the episode we sure talked a lot about the style! There is a large amount of history to this type of beer, something I’m sure that applies to all styles really, but this 2015 Eater article is a great start. It’s always interesting to learn more about these two styles (the other being Berliner Weisse) and their history that I feel get lumped together a bunch these days due to general trends in what’s popular in the beer scene nowadays.

On a related note, I mentioned trying a Berliner Weisse with syrup once while in Toronto. I am almost 100% certain that this was at Bar Hop on King Street. They’ve got a pretty decent selection of both food and drink so if you’re ever in the area it might be a nice place to check out!


I couldn’t find an exact distinction between a micro-brewery and nano-brewery, the closest I got was the fact that a micro-brewery is determined based on the volume of beer produced and sold outside of the brewery. I guess it’s a bit of a vague distinction which varies from place to place, but needless to say nano-breweries are smaller than their micro counterparts! Also, a creed relates to one’s beliefs or faith, while a credo is “statement of the beliefs or aims which guide someone's actions.” Pretty similar if you ask me.

I haven’t had anything from 5 Elementos or 3 Monkeys, but both seem like pretty killer breweries. Hopefully we can do another Brazilian beer episode in the future! I looked up some of the words from The Fattest Pepo that threw us for a loop during the show, turns out paçoca is a type of peanut candy. I couldn’t figure out what canjiquinha meant though besides some sort of recipe… I don’t see the connection and will have to ask my Brazilian friend what it means. If you know though comment below or send an email and let us know!

I enjoy a good Rush song but I’m no expert. I could only find footage of them playing Rio de Janiero in 2002 but Carl said 2004. It’s only two years off so I assume this is what he meant! I’ve linked to a YouTube video of the event; it might get taken down but until them it’s here for your viewing pleasure! I still can’t believe how many pieces were in that drum kit used (I’m watching it while typing this up)!

Our favorites this week:

Carl - The Fattest Pepo

Forrest - Simian

See y’all next week!

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