Hop Talk #54: Motley Cru


It’s always nice to have House of Sours on the show! I would expect to see (or hear rather) some more of her in the future. Since Sonia asked specifically here’s the teaser video for the upcoming Space Force show with Steve Carell. And since Blake didn’t know what elephant toothpaste was here’s a video talking all about it!

If you head to the Bellwoods website, you can find a blog post about the 2018 Motley Cru release. It of course goes into much more detail than we do so be sure to take a look! It also shows those really delicate glasses that were released last year. You can keep going back and check out their 2017 release, and if you do some proper digging you can find some even older stuff on this series right from the source!

These beers were quite active, if you look at the photo for the blueberry variant you can see the beer foaming up inside the bottle while I was photographing it! Also, how beautiful is that black raspberry version?


The topic of storing beers upright or on their side came up briefly in this episode. Plenty of people argue one side or the other, but I’ll just drop this BeerAdvocate link here and let you decide on your own. It does include some good tips for storing your beer though - I should check to see if I’m doing it right…

I quickly wanted to bring up two places mentioned on the show. First up is Barncat Artisan Ales, a place I have yet to visit but hope to try soon! The other is Carmine Street Beers, a nice little place which I assume is the one Blake was referring to.

I was hoping for a better link to share about the haskap berries Blake and Sonia mentioned, but it’s hard to talk about any “new” food without finding a lot of “health” articles. This one seems pretty informative though. I’d love to try one of these sometime! As always, big thanks to Gord for helping me grab these for the episode!

Our favorites this week:

Blake - Black Raspberry

Forrest - Black Raspberry

Sonia - Black Raspberry

See y’all next week!

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