Hop Talk #55: Forest & Main


First of all big thanks to Walt AKA aww_here_it_gose for sending in the beers for this episode - I have yet to open the barleywine but as far as I’m concerned I saved the best beers of the bunch for the episode and glad I did. As an update to Carl’s shipping fiasco, I’m sad to say it didn’t end well as his package was destroyed. Whether that is actually what happened or if certain employees are enjoying some nice beers will forever remain a mystery.

We’ve talked a bit about how long certain beers last (and tried our fair share of old beers), but it of course really does depend on the brewery and more importantly the batch itself. If you want to read a bit more about IPAs specifically, here’s a 2016 Vinepair article, as well as a taste test from 2018 published on Food & Wine.

Definitely look up the house that was turned into Forest & Main, it looks like a lovely place to visit and I wish I could be there for their anniversary party next week! I mentioned Half Door Brewing for the second time on this show because I got similar vibes from their space when I visited years ago. You can see a lot of photos of the place from this Eater article.


Did you all think that we did a good job describing the artwork that was on these cans? I still can’t put my finger on what the Under the Breath art reminds me off, but I’m open to suggestions! If you couldn’t tell, the art is a bit part of what goes on at Forest & Main, and I feel like we didn’t cover things as much as I wanted on the show. Thankfully, The 16oz Canvas comes to the rescue! The team sat down with Daniel Endicott himself to discuss the brewery and the depth to the art behind each beer. It’s a great read, or listen if you decide to check out the podcast!

Carl and I couldn’t believe that we were unable to remember Circa Brewing Co. (AKA that pizza place in Brooklyn) during the show! I personally don’t think they are the same as McKenzie, since they seem to have a larger focus on beer. I hope we can get the scoop on their strategy to tackle food and beer equally sometime!

Our favorites this week:

Forrest - Under the Breath

Carl - Under the Breath

See y’all next week!

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