Hop Talk #56: Brix City


You guys should definitely check out Anthony’s Instagram page, It’s full of great photos and you can really see that a lot of care is put into each one. Big thanks to him for not only contributing the Brix City beers for this week’s episode but also for joining me on the show! We all have Instagrams here (even Ripley) but it’s great to have another “Instagrammer” on, if that makes any sense.

We talk a bit about Southern Passion hops in this episode, so I wanted to add a bit more info about the topic here. I believe we’ve mentioned (and linked to) this before on the show but here are two articles about the AB InBev restriction on the South African SAB Hop Farm, one from All About Beer and one from Brewbound. If you want to know more about the hop itself, as well as other South African hop varieties, check out this website.

Anthony name dropped quite a few accounts and breweries during the episode, but I wanted to highlight three here, in part because they are brand new to me and I will have to keep them in mind next time I am in the area! Twin Elephant I have tried and enjoyed before, but I never heard of Czig Meister or Neshaminy Creek before this recording session! Also, talk about two hard to spell names - I didn’t get either right the first time around!


Speaking of names, Brix City has a cool mashup for its own name. As much as I don’t like to just link to Wikipedia, they do a pretty thorough job explaining the scientific term Brix, or just Bx. Of course, the other half of their name is in reference to Brick City, the nickname for Newark referencing its tall brick buildings. I dug up this old drawing of Newark, which does look pretty close to the Silk City label. What do you think, obvious influence or just a coincidence?

Our favorites this week:

Forrest - Grateful Jams

Anthony - Grateful Jams

See y’all next week!

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