Hop Talk #57: Cloudwater Collabs


Hey everyone, how have things been? More time has passed since our last episode then I would have liked, but as I’m sure you all know something things are beyond one’s control. The first thing I checked was if we had done a Cloudwater episode and it turns out we haven’t, at least not a complete one. However, we have had quite a few beers thanks to Ed, going all the way back to Episode 6 of the show! Also, I would definitely recommend checking out the Cloudwater website, which has a good amount of info including stuff on the beers we had on the show.

All of the beers this week came out of their festival Friends & Family & Beer, which was a killer event that was held back in March of this year. Apparently, the whole shindig was 100% not-for-profit, with proceeds going to various organizations and charities. Stuff like this is why I love the craft beer community. There was also a bit of a fiasco that happened during the festival, although that was thankfully sorted in the end. You can read more about that in this Cloudwater blog post. You can also check out some of the work by Textbook Studio here - as far as I can tell that scribble is actually specific to the festival and not to the design studio.


Blake brought up The Kernel Brewery, a place I had never heard of before. I might have to pay a visit, if I ever make it out to London! When we opened the Other Half collaboration, Blake and I talking about how the vaulted bottom increases the strength of the can made me curious about the design of the can itself. Luckily, this video about the design (and history) of the aluminum cans does a great job of explaining things. Thanks, Engineer Guy! A book on hops was brought up during the show as well - I believe the one Blake is referring to is this hop-focused entry in the Brewing Elements series. I’m going to have to go through these all!

Of course I can’t post this without shouting out Triple Hopped - Neil and the gang across the pond are a great way to find out more about the UK beer scene, and an enjoyable listen any day! Be sure to give them a follow/subscribe, and tell them we sent ya! Their third episode came out around the time of recording, and I like to think of this one and that one as unofficial “sister episodes.”

In case you were curious, here’s a couple of photos of the place Stephanie and I stayed at recently. It was a huge house but there was a total of twelve people staying for the weekend so thankfully it didn’t bankrupt us! If you want to see some cute pug action, be sure to check out Otis & Bean on Instagram! I couldn’t find out exactly who these pups belong to - maybe the one and only Pug Nuggets can weigh in on this one! Lastly, I think this is the own goal Blake brought up on the show - where is the goalie??

Our favorites this week:

Forrest - Likeable Orange Liquid (Other Half)

Blake - Likeable Orange Liquid (Other Half)

See y’all next week!

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