Hop Talk #58: UK Sours


We’re continuing the trend this week with some more UK beers - this time going the sour route! Again, thanks to Ed for sending us all these! We start off the episode with Eye of the Duck, a Verdant & Deya collaboration. It wasn’t too hard to find the context of the quote on the can - it’s from an interview with filmmaker David Lynch, which I’ve included below. We also mention Hudson Valley’s Apotheosis - that one goes back to the very first episode of Hop Talk!

I throw back to the Swedish candy Bilar in this episode, that stuff was so good, I wish they still sold it at IKEA! I suppose I can always get it from Amazon… We also realize on the show that we can’t recall what a passionfruit looks like. I’ve gotta say, it looks kinda gross, but the taste is delicious!


Blake mentioned a couple local businesses which are great and should all be supported. Specifically he mentions two great record stores - Almost Ready Records and Black Gold. I’ve been to both and would recommend them to any vinyl buffs!

We talk about Buck’s Fizz on the show, so I figured I’d link to the recipe here, simple as it is. Turns out, it’s not just a cocktail though, it’s also a UK band which is pretty fitting I suppose! You can check out their stylish website here.

I’m pretty sure we had already decided that the North Brewing Triple Fruited Gose was the pick of the week, but Blake seemed to forget partway through. Of course, we ended up picking it again anyway! We didn’t mention this on the show but that series is actually a collaboration with Ritual Lab Brewing & Growing from Italy! I don’t know much about Italian breweries so this was a pleasant surprise. I hope I can try more from North too!

Our favorites this week:

Forrest - Triple Fruited Gose

Blake - Triple Fruited Gose

See y’all next time!

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