Hop Talk #59: The Veil


No more UK beers this week but still plenty of sour stuff to drink! Before we got into the Veil beers we talked a bit about the transit systems of NYC, Toronto and Richmond. Andy Byford, who was behind a lot of the changes in Toronto’s mass transit system, recently came to New York to work on the MTA. You can read a bit more about that in this New Yorker article. There is some hope for the future though - I’ve already paid for some rides with my NFC debit card!

I’ve got a few articles to share here: First off is one that talks about the “big three” of Richmond, which are pretty much the three we listed on the show. Of course, I highly recommend you read this article by our friend Cory, for Good Beer Hunting, which is all about the story behind the Veil. We also reference a Q&A with Matt Tarpey, head brewer and co-owner.


Speaking of Good Beer Hunting, they are where you can find the last beer article I reference on the show. What’s your opinion on cereal flavors in beer - off flavor scourge or new flavor category? If you want to hear a bit more about that we talk about it on the Jester King episode as well. I couldn’t find any connection with Other Half’s Crickets series and The Veil’s own series of single hopped Pilsners (if anyone knows the name for me I would appreciate it), perhaps someone was just illustrating a similarity between the two.

I’m throwing up some photos that Carl took at The Veil while he was there - that sure is a lot of magnum bottles! I also found some old photos I took of the OG Veil cans, so check those out! I do remember who sent me a lot of these cans, thanks Nick! I included that photo of Ripley and the What Haunts Me too!

Our favorites this week:

Forrest - Never Never Calm Calm

Carl - Never Never Calm Calm

Blake - Never Never Calm Calm

See y’all next time!

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