Hop Talk #60: Xül Beer Co.


Hey all, this was a relatively quick episode and there isn’t too much out there about Xül, so this week’s notes will be equally concise. I couldn’t find any official website here, but there is their Instagram page, which is updated fairly often. Needless to say, all the beers we had were delicious, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from these guys!

We briefly touched on wine and how we know nothing about it (although I have a feeling Blake knows more than I do), so I thought it might be nice to include a bit of info about the differences between certain wines. This is a pretty basic article, but it’s a start! I’m not even sure what to begin looking up to learn more about wines, so I’ll stick to craft beer.


I was surprised to learn about the super-intense Barkley Marathon in Tennessee, which almost sounds made up due to its unique (at least to me), structure and required fortitude. I believe this is the movie Blake brought up about the marathon - unfortunately it’s not on Netflix anymore but you can watch it from the source!

Lastly, there are two upcoming events which Blake mentioned, both of which Xül will be attending. First up is the Knoxville Brewfest, which is in just under two weeks, as well as an event Abridged Beer Co. will be hosting on 7/4. If you want to know more about the local scene, checking out the Knoxville Area Brewers Association.

Our favorites this week:

Forrest - Blackberry/Guava Dreghead

Blake - In Death We’re All The Same

See y’all next time!

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