Hop Talk #61: Evil Twin NYC Lite


I can’t wait for Evil Twin NYC to finally (completely) open! It’s nice to be able to try their beers but it would be nicer to be able to have some on tap from the source. If you want to keep track of their progress, definitely keep an eye on their Instagram page. While you’re on Instagram, you should also check out Root + Branch, a lovely brewery that I hope to do an episode on soon.

Of course, the meat of this article is Carl and I picking apart this Thrillist article. Do you agree with our evaluation, or are we out of touch with the beer community? On the point of crowlers, there are several articles talking about the benefits of these oversized cans. I found this recent New Zealand article, but it was technically a sponsored post so maybe this older Bon Appetit article might be more your speed.


We briefly talk about lacing this week, so I figured I’d link to this Vinepair page, which gives a pretty to the point description of what it is and what affects it. We also talk about the superbowl topic of two big breweries facing off about corn syrup, and there’s actually a bit to talk about there. Firstly, here’s a nice NYT article about what went down, and what it means to brew a beer with corn syrup. The events that followed got a bit strange, with Coors releasing a “smart tap” that gave out free beer whenever Bud Light would attack them on social media. I would have loved to see this in action, even if I wouldn’t want the beer itself!

At the top of the show Carl referenced Whose Line Is It Anyway, specifically Drew Carey’s intro. I found this little compilation on YouTube, and figured I could link it below for your viewing pleasure!

Our favorites this week:

Forrest - The Only Way To Deal With The Currant Issues

Carl - The Only Way To Deal With The Currant Issues

See y’all next time!

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