Hop Talk #62: Industrial Arts


Sorry about the delay on the website update, I’m still recovering from the busy Green City weekend! It was nice to finally be able to do an episode on Industrial Arts, and we couldn’t do it without the wide selection of beers at First Place Provisions. They might not always have the cheapest prices but it’s a great local beer deli. You can check out their beeeeer/beaaaar sign through Google Maps. Of course, there are a couple of interviews/articles you can read about IA, like this first birthday interview with founder Jeff O’Neil on Forbes, or this article about the success of their classic Wrench.

Speaking of Wrench, over the course of the show we talk about the semi-mysterious numbers on the side of the can, and thankfully a listener reached out and solved this for us! Jason pointed out that on the post about the 100th batch of Wrench it clearly shows the matching number to the can we drank. Thanks Jason! I guess there’s a certain pro to updating the website a bit behind schedule.


Andrew talks a bit about water on the show, and how different breweries might treat it beforehand. There is a lot of material you can find on this topic, and while some breweries might keep that particular ingredient as a trade secret, it never hurts to ask! I’ll have to swing by Other Half sometime and see if I can find out what they use. In the meantime, check out this 2017 VinePair article about the importance of water in beer.

A bit of numbers talk for a second, I checked the stats and Georgia accounts for a cool 1.53% of our listener base as of writing this post, which makes me pretty sure that we have more than just two listeners from that area - thanks for tuning in y’all! Our top two US states are - unsurprisingly - New York and California.

I couldn’t find anything in writing about the hexagons in Industrial Art’s design DNA being a reference to the industrious honeybee, so I guess I did totally make that up! It does make a certain sense though, no? Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the brewery from the trip I took up to visit during the Garner Arts Festival, just one shot of the beer on the bar. I’ve added a couple shots of “the arts” though, so check that out if you’d like!

Our favorites this week:

Forrest - Wrench

Andrew - Metric

See y’all next time!

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