Hop Talk #63: Night Shift


Hey folks! This week we keep it pretty light with these tasty offerings from Night Shift Brewing, a place which I will absolutely visit during my next trip to Boston (whenever that is)! That’s definitely not Nightwish, the Finnish symphonic metal band. I don’t really know them but I picked a song at random which you can check out at the bottom of this page.

We go down a long rabbit hole about Kiwis (the people, the bird and the fruit) this episode, something I was not expecting. First of all, it turns out the bird came first in terms of nomenclature, and the fruit known as the gooseberry was later renamed as the kiwi fruit. In regards to the people, here’s the article I was referring to on the show about the Australian tribunal determining whether the term was derogatory or not. here’s a small article about the history of the national symbol, and here’s that one I remarked on with Taika Waititi.


We briefly talk about the new taproom, which as I mentioned earlier is high on my list of places to visit next time I’m in the area. Based on these photos the place looks awesome!

If you check out their website, there is a decent amount of info about the brewery, as well as their coffee and distribution biz. There’s also this VinePair article you can check out published just last year by my buddy Niko.

lastly, here’s a bit more information about the Nite Lite beer we had on the show. We preferred the lime version of the beer, but it was a very interesting concept which I’m looking forward to seeing more of. Five Boroughs has a light lager of their own which just came out that I’m going to try and grab. Be sure to stay tuned, because we’re going to try and do a comparison with macro light lagers in the near future!

Forrest - Lime Lite

Carl - Lime Lite

See y’all next time!

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