Hop Talk #64: Farmageddon!


Big thanks to both Perry and Sonia for joining in this week and helping tackle five bottles of Farmageddon! Sonia is no stranger to the show but Perry is a new voice, but if you’ve ever listened to Beer Today Beer Tomorrow you might recognize him. Perry mentioned The Owl Farm early on in the episode. If you’re ever in the area, you should check it out! And invite me too, even though I live pretty close by I still have yet to go! Maybe you can try one of their many fernets available. I only found out about this kind of liquor recently but it’s definitely up my alley!

If you want to know more about the Farmageddon series, I was able to pull up this blog post thanks to the good old Wayback Machine. There was a bunch of great info on the old Bellwoods blog, and it’s a shame that you can’t access it more easily. Another interesting thing to note is that they tweaked their logo a bit, making it a few shades lighter.


There was a decent amount of food talk this week, specifically hot dogs. First off, yes everyone should go to Costco to try their hot dogs because they are amazing. I really had no idea what actually went into a hot dog in terms of spices, but based on Blake’s comments and things found online like this recipe, it seems like a pretty unique blend of seasonings! I’m going to have to see if I can pick out the individual flavors next time.

I guess I do talk about sweets a lot on the show, whether it’s Japanese candy or soft-serve ice cream. I talked about a Japanese grape candy this week - it’s actually a muscat grape candy. The texture specifically is quite interesting; you can kind of see what I mean in this random YouTube video I found showing them off. I have some bags coming in the mail!


One last thing - we talk about about radiation thanks to the high carbonation of some of these beers, and I reference a video about the most radioactive places on earth - I think this was cut from the final edit but it’s very interesting to see the visual representations here so I’m linking it below. Enjoy!

Forrest - Riesling

Blake- White Zinfandel

Sonia - White Zinfandel

Perry - White Zinfandel

See y’all next time!

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