Hop Talk #65: Big Alice Collabs


There was actually another big Costco hot dog rabbit hole that we fall down this week, but since I waxed lyrical about them last week I decided to spare y’all and cut that part out. However, I once again recommend visiting Industry City - there’s a nice mix of food, shops, art and of course beer to experience while you’re there. I hope Hometown BBQ opens up soon, it’s further from me than the original location but I like having the option to have it when I’m hungry after some drinks at the Big Alice Taproom!

I did check, and Carl and I were right - Gun Hill and The Bronx Brewery are the only two places in The Bronx. Of course, new breweries are always popping up so that might not be the case in a few years! Besides Gun Hill, you should also check out the other two breweries that Big Alice collaborated with, Banded Brewing and the closer (if you live in NYC) Common Roots Brewing.


The first beer we had this was pretty unique in that it was really a Gruit, brewed with other botanicals besides hops. I would love to revisit this style in another episode, but for how here’s some reading material. Here’s a bit of info about the history of the style and it’s modern day resurgence (kinda). I also looked up what elecampane was: it’s another root/flower that kind of reminds me of a dandelion.

On the show we talk about Augie Carton’s (of Carton Brewing) show Steal This Beer. It’s another great beer podcast that you should check out if you aren’t subscribed already. Also, I’ve linked some music from Carl’s band Dead On A Friday, so you can check out what other auditory experiences Carl contributes to besides this show! Happy listening!

Forrest - Nothin’ To It

Carl - Cholaca Maraca

See y’all next time!

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