Hop Talk #66: Tattered Flag Brewery


First of all big thanks to Cliff for sharing all these Tattered Flag beers with us to have on the show! I’ve got some more stouts waiting for you back in NYC! You guys should check out the Tattered Flag website, they have a lot to offer from food and beer at their brewpub to a variety of spirits. Kind of reminds me of Interboro, a local brewery who also does spirits which we have yet to do an episode on.

Perry mentioned a bunch of other PA breweries that are all pretty notable, so I’m just going to list them all here: Victory and Tröegs are some of the bigger ones, but there’s also Dancing Gnome (which we’ve done an episode on), Hitchhiker, and East End. I’ve never heard of that last one, but it interests me, especially with their neighborhood series called the “You Are Here” series.


Maybe it’s because I didn’t go to a lot of college parties, but I’ve never heard of the nose oil in beer trick before. It’s definitely a thing though, maybe I’ll try it next time I throw a rager!

We also briefly talk about IBUs, and some of the hoppiest beers out there. Check out this list - it is a few years old so it might not be current but you can see some of these crazy bitter beers. Mikkeller is pretty high up on the list but it doesn’t seem to top it! Of course, at those levels does it even make a difference? The 100 IBU taste threshold seems to be a bit contested but I’m sure there is a limit to human taste. Perhaps the “IBU wars” of the last decade are what led to the popularity of the super-dry hopped low bitterness IPAs.

Forrest - Cake In A Can

Perry - Inexplicably Juicy

See y’all next time!

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