Hop Talk #70: Threes Brewing


Sorry about the delay guys, sometimes life just gets in the way of editing the show. It’s unfortunate but it does cost time and money to put this out and sometime there isn’t much to spare. However, we will still be talking hops for quite some time so stay tuned and thanks for listening! Threes is very much a hidden gem in my eyes, and if you’re in Brooklyn it’s a brewery worth visiting. I would say Threes is a great place to start a brewery crawl, due to its welcoming atmosphere and beer styles that tend towards the lighter side of the ABV spectrum. You can even grab some coffee from Ninth Street Espresso, or a bite to eat thanks to The Meat Hook!

Perry mentioned that there was a distillation of Schlenkerla into a spirit at a local bar, The Owl Farm. This place so close but I still have yet to visit! I will definitely make it out there sometime, especially cause I’d love to try this beer/spirit mashup. Perry also mentioned a series of smoked beer by Switchback brewery in Burlington, called Flynn on Fire. As of this podcast there seems to be a good seven entries into this series which is pretty awesome, hopefully I can try them sometime! Other Vermont breweries that were named this week were Foam, Fiddlehead and Hermit Thrush.


If you go back far enough, you can see the old Threes logo on their Instagram. It was a lot further back than I remember it being! At the time I remember not liking the change as I felt it wasn’t vibing with their more “rustic” aesthetic, but man has it grown on me since then. The old branding was done by VHF, and while it took a little digging, their new branding is thanks to YARD, right here in NYC.

We briefly touch on the connection between Threes and Industrial Arts (we did an episode on them here), which is a great example of good vibes in the beer community/industry. You can read a bit more about the story behind this partnership of sorts here. I guess that makes Vliet a constant collaboration of sorts?

Just before the episode ended we talked about the sizable amount of breweries that are slated to open in the area. Sixpoint recently announced their new location proper, and I can’t wait as it’s basically right around the corner from my place. In addition, we’ve got Collective Arts coming over from Ontario to open near Perry, Finback opening a new spot right across from Strong Rope, and newcomer Wild East Brewing Co., who I’ve been following for a while and can’t wait to see open up. It’s a great time to live here in this corner of Brooklyn!

I’ll end off this post with a small amount of photos I took at the first Can Jam I went to. This was my first exposure to most of these breweries with maybe one exception, which goes to show how awesome this little backyard festival is! I’ll have to make sure I make the next one!

Forrest - Dreams of Yesterday

Perry - Vliet

See y’all next time!

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