Photo by Stephanie Hou

Photo by Stephanie Hou

Forrest Kuffer


Forrest is a NYC native who enjoyed craft beer, but really fell for it while on a cross-country road trip. If you see him, chances are there will be a camera or a beer in his hands. But you probably already know about this guy! If not, head on over to the about page!

Favorite Style: Anything with raspberry, probably.




Carl moved to Queens in 2015 from upstate NY, right around the time he started getting into craft beer. He has since been slowly making his way around NYC brewery circuit, becoming more involved in the trade scene and line culture along the way. You might meet him in one of the city’s many craft beer bars, searching out some fresh hops!

Favorite Style: New England IPAs.


BlakE rasmussen


Blake is originally from Ontario, Canada, and moved to NYC in 2016. He got into craft beer through Bellwoods, which remains his favorite brewery to this day. Blake has been to breweries and festivals in the US, Canada, and Europe, and you will often find him squeezing a brewery visit into a bike ride - or is that the other way around?

Favorite Style: Imperial Stouts and Porters; adjunct-free, coconut, or coffee.

Photo by Paige Daman

Photo by Paige Daman

Andrew Daman


Andrew discovered the world of craft beer with Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA and soon enough he was driving from Seattle to visit Russian River and searching for barrel aged stouts. Andrew moved to NYC in 2017, where he met Forrest and Blake at Other Half. You will occasionally see him making an appearance on his wife’s Instagram @houseofipas.

Favorite Style: Spontaneously fermented sours.




Our one and only purr-ducer! Ripley sits in her cat tree while we record and makes sure we are keeping everything to the Hop Talk standard.

Favorite Style: Pistachio stouts

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